The follwing considers the force required to maintain position under load when utilizing a "T" gib driver as shown.

Angle Wedge - Round Core Body

Injection Pressure:
Enter value with NO commas as shown

Example: Line pressure = 1200; Nozzle ratio = 10:1; Injection pressure = 12,000 psi. "Average" cavity pressure is not used as it does not consider peaks and pack-out pressures.

This page is a complex calculator providing critical design data. The following solutions will result if all options are selected:
  • Area of core
  • Force required at "P" (lbs/force)
  • Effect of friction
  • Recommended KOR-LOK™ model
  • Distance of pull at "P" required to move core distance "M" along angle.

Enter area of slide face exposed to plastic in the next block:

Diameter of slide face (D):
Enter value (inches)

*Distance (M) of desired core movement:
Enter value (inches)
*Optional - leave blank if not needed

Angle of Core relative to driver:
Enter value in degrees
Angle of Core Travel relative to perpendicular of driver:
Enter value in degrees W

Friction has a measurable effect on the forces of angled slides. Please select whether to include friction in the calculation or not. Standard friction for lubricated steel is used. You can always come back and select it next time to see the difference.

FrictionNo Friction
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