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NOTE: All products are assumed to be operated by PFA hydraulic sources at standard pressures of 5,000 psi hydraulic. For other pressures and pressure sources, contact PFA for further recommendations. Selection of any product for any application is the responsibility of the customer PFA assistance and recommendations are not a substitute for proper review and selection by customer. PFA Terms of Sale apply. Dimensions are provided for reference only and subject to change without notice. Contact PFA regarding critical dimensions for any application prior to ordering.


Hydraulic Cylinder Style Clamps (Nut Clamps):
Hydraulic Fixed Clamp Height Rocker Clamps (Ledge Clamps)
Hydraulic Adjustable Clamp Height Rocker Clamps (Narrow Ledge Like Clamps)
Hydraulic Fixed Clamp Height Sliding Clamps (C Clamps)
  • CC-283
  • CC-283D
Hydraulic Die Lifters/Rollers
Hydraulic Control Units (Hydraulic Pump/Valves for Clamps and Lifters)
Pneumatic Die Lifters (Air Bag Lifters)
  • PR-948
Mechanical ¼ Turn Set Clamps (Quick Set Clamps)
  • MC-255
  • MC-259
Mechanical Portable Hand operated Die Lifters
  • MR-706 (Rollers Down)
  • MR-710 (Rollers Up)
Mechanical (Stationary) Spring loaded Die Lifters/Rollers
  • MR-357
Mechanical Spring Loaded Ball Cartridges
  • MR-305
Swing Away Bolster Extensions
  • BE-527
Lift Off Bolster Extensions
Detachable Heavy Duty Bolster Extensions with Legs
Traveling and Slotless Bolster Extensions.
  • BE-522