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How Can You Prevent Injection Mold Flash?

As a common defect in injection molding, flash can have a significant impact on the level of scrap you are producing or cost of secondary processes as a manufacturer. While Automotive and Medical suppliers typically reduce scrap to near zero as part of the controlled process monitoring, many other components do not operate with as […]

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5 Injection Molding Defects and How to Improve Them

Injection molding defects are often inevitable, and depending on the type of mold, various things could affect part quality. Typically, challenges are factors like material differences, ambient environmental impacts, machine changes, margins of error, and much more. Simply put, a variety of different things can cause injection molding defects; however, there are also small changes […]

Plastic & Injection Molding

When are Plastic Parts Better than Metal?

For many manufacturers, there is often a deeply rooted misconception in their customers that metal is always better than plastic when creating parts. Depending on the part being created, however, this approach could be causing unnecessary costs for a product that may be just as strong if cast in plastic instead. But when are plastic […]

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