Plastic & Injection Molding

The Key to an Effective Mold Cooling System

Processes and operations in the technological world are evolving more and more every day. New technologies are being discovered while trying to improve old technologies. These new technologies lead to improved performance and efficiency among the older ones. The injection mold industry has been a victim of the rise in technological advances, and no one […]

Plastic & Injection Molding

Modular Cables with LEDs for Merging Core Pull Signals to Press

With PFA’s SWITCHMAX® mold wiring solution, it is possible to connect all core position sensors into single press inputs for set and pull, and provide operator side LED light indications for core positions. Secondarily designed for blocking unwanted signals, the system includes cross-connected sensor verification for mechanical switches, 3-wire PNP integration, and relay sensor adapters […]

Plastic & Injection Molding, Switchmax®

PFA Maintains Fast Deliveries

Responds to industry chatter about long deliveries for Hydraulic Locking Cylinders. While supply chain impacts from Covid-19 have plagued many manufacturers, the roller coaster ride has seen some bright spots in service and delivery. PFA Inc., supplier of KOR-LOK Side Action Systems – a specialty type of Preloading Hydraulic Locking Cylinder, for example. During the […]

Plastic & Injection Molding