Die Casting Applications

KOR-LOK® Side Action Systems
Preloading and Locking Core Pull Cylinders provide exceptional performance in Die Casting applications where zero core movement is desired to reduce flash and post flash operations.  Use of KOR-LOK® often allows injecting faster and harder to eliminate porosity and produce consistent part weights shot after shot.  Proper sizing can eliminate flashing of the part borders in most applications, making net shape die casting possible.  General usage of the product follows the general sizing methods for all applications, however, PFA provides some additional guidance for some die casting situations involving long cores and high speed injection.  For unique retrofits to Multi-Slide applications, please see our DIE-LOK Applications.
DIE-LOK™ Multi-Slide Systems
DIE-LOK Multi-Slide Die Casting Components are specifically designed for ease of use and adjustment on Multi-slide Die Casting Applications. This modular solution provides excellent clamp force, high speed, fast die change, and long life. Consider this complete interface system for zero flash low porosity parts on all your multi-slide applications. Employed and evaluated as a custom solution on multiple installations for over15 years and perhaps more than 100 million cycles, this system is now also available from Techmire® on the new 44LCX or as a retrofit for all 44 machines.
DIE-LOK Side-Action systems are high temp versions of our KOR-LOK Side-Action systems used for conventional die casting and commonly used on high quality precision die casting molds on precision systems such as Frech® die casting machines. Contact PFA to discuss known applications and options to see if DIE-LOK (KOR-LOK) is right for you.