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Here’s some more information on our mold-making and molding product lines –
KOR-LOK® Side-Actions,
SWITCHMAX® Connectivity, and
SWITCHMAX® Connectivity Cables
More than simply cables, PFA's NEW SWITCHMAX® connectivity solution, originally designed to connect multiple side-action mold cylinder sensors in series for easy "plug and play" connections machine inputs, SWITCHMAX® now offers cross connected sensor verification, PNP and Relay sensor connections, relay power adaptors for AC and zero volt inputs, and much more. Systems are now often used without cylinders for customized sensing of mold actions and integrating rocker and plunger switches.
Hydra-Jaws Quick Mold Change (QMC)
PFA's Quick Mold Change plates and Quick Knock-Out systems can be used together or separately to provide rapid mold change capability with the confidence of hydraulic clamping force and true mechanical clamp holding.  The unique slot design supports changeover from top/bottom to right/left clamping or any combination desired.  Once clamped, mechanical locks hold the mold secure without hydraulic pressure.
KOR-LOK® Side Action Systems
Preloading and Locking Core Pull Cylinders specifically designed for Injection Molds. Zero Flash Molded Parts on the First Shot! There is only one KOR-LOK® - if you're not talking to PFA you're not getting a KOR-LOK®. With 100% preload at ZERO pressure and fast Delivery on ANY STROKE size, you are just learning about what KOR-LOK® can do for you.