Robotic Automation Applications

Modular End-of-Arm Automation (EOAT)
With some of the highest force to weight ratio Grippers, PFA really does GRIP IT! And that's not all - we have Compliance Devices and Flexible Wrist Overload Protection (OPD's) for a complete modular EOAT solution. Don't forget to check out our popular GRIPPER PADS with fused metal (steel and aluminum) backing for applications ranging from heavy industry to human interacting collaborative robots (Cobots)!
Industrial Rubber Pads with Metal Backing
Rubber pads with steel, aluminum or stainless steel backplates are available in multiple durometers and materials for a wide variety of work holding, clamping, and part handling applications. Pads prevent part slip and protect parts and tooling with friction 50% to 400% higher than typical metal to part contact. Conforming to the part increases overall grip strength even more.
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  • Buna-N (NBR) Rubber Pads
  • Neoprene Rubber Pads
  • Silicone Rubber Pads
  • Vitron® - FKM Rubber Pads
  • Gripper Pads for Robots