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Is Plastic Injection Molding the Right Fit for Military Use?

For military and tactical industries, finding the balance between both dependability and uniformity is essential. And, although you may not think it fits from an outside perspective, plastic injection molding is an ideal approach to creating tactical products and military-grade equipment quickly and affordably. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of […]

Forces and Calculations are Key to Sizing Core Pull Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are commonly used on injection molds to actuate movable core. When considering  “How to Size” a hydraulic cylinder for moving the core or preloading the core, PFA recommends to review three positions – initial breakaway, movement during stroke, and end position.  After determining the limiting condition, a proper size may be determined.  PFA’s […]

Why is Core Preload Important for Injection Molds?

Although most manufacturers do not think about it, core preload is an important part of any successful injection molding project that requires not only precision but uniformity. As the creator of KOR-LOK® Side Action Systems, PFA understands not only core forces under injection but also how preload is necessary to overcome those forces and the importance of choosing […]

The Benefits of a Quick Die Change System

At PFA, Inc., we believe that ensuring you have the equipment needed to safely and efficiently implement quick die changeovers is the easiest way to improve productivity and ensure your staff is safely meeting production improvement goals.

Improving Automation with End of Arm Tooling

As the leading manufacturer trusted by many of the leading manufacturers in the world, PFA, Inc. strives to provide the best products possible at the lowest price point on the market.

Troubleshooting Quick Die Change in Stamping Operations

Learn how to avoid getting blindsided by gap jumping, stripping force, cycle speed, and future-proofing in this new article published on Stamping Journal’s Website. Written by our own, Mark Scanlan, he’ll get you prepared when unexpected problems occur and unfamiliar details need attending.

Four Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

As one of the most trusted processes for manufacturing complex products and components, injection molding can provide many benefits to businesses across multiple industries.

PFA, Inc. Provides Essential Products for Part Manufacturing

Enhanced performance ensures more consistent results, and it also provides bottom-line benefits. In this article, we will look at some of the essential products PFA, Inc. provides to bring your performance to the next level.

Why Should You Invest in Robotic Automation?

You are likely always looking for ways to make your business more profitable and crank out the parts that your customers are asking for as quickly as possible. Without robotic automation in place, there’s a good chance that you are not reaching your full potential capacity.

How Can KOR-LOK® Save Time and Money?

When you partner with PFA, Inc. for mold optimization, you can be sure that you are shrinking the Money-Time-Quality Triangle.

A Q&A with PFA from Metalforming Magazine: QDC as Soft Automation

The following is a question and answer editorial done in Metal Forming Magazine by Joe Jancsurak with PFA’s VP Mark Scanlan.  We’re excited to share this information with our readers.

How to Use Hydraulic Locking Cylinders to Improve Plastic Injection-Molded Part Profitability

Improve complex injection-molded part quality and profitability by reducing mold base size and preloading slides from a solid structure to ensure placement.

Customized Solutions for Single Minute Exchange of Dies

PFA, Inc. products that can help you achieve faster die change rates while still maintaining accuracy.

Why Should You Choose PFA?

As the leader in the design and manufacturer of several industry-preferred products, PFA Inc. strives to not only provide innovative solutions to common problems but also exceed our customer’s expectations.

Enhance Your Mold Wiring System with SWITCHMAX™

Much more than just cabling, the PFA, Inc. SWITCHMAX™ is the ultimate connectivity solution for injection molds.

Set Your Manufacturing Pace with Lean Production Methods

PFA, Inc. is sure to have the QDC products needed to help you achieve the fastest manufacturing process possible.

Lock In Your Mold Performance with PFA, Inc.

PFA Inc. provides a complete cylinder pre-loading and locking system for die casters and injection molders.

KOR-LOK® Makes Lean Molding Possible

As one of the most recommended products for Injection Molding and Die Casting, the KOR-LOK® Side-Action System is the ultimate lean manufacturing solution.

Why Should You Use The Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change System?

PFA, Inc. has continued to provide the innovative solutions for mechanical clamping that manufacturers need to efficiently and affordably complete SMED in the injection molding industry.

Get a Grip with Modular End-of-Arm Automation

Finding the right robotic gripper for your unique needs is critical for success.

Enhance Your Quick Die Changes with Spring Loaded Lifters

For manufacturers that require quick die change (QDC) for multiple dies, having lifters in place to efficiently remove and replace the dies is critical.

The Benefits of Lock-On-Extend Cylinder Types

With our strong, compact design, you will often be able to achieve the results of a much larger cylinder at a fraction of the cost and do things you never thought possible with what looks like a standard two port cylinder

KOR-LOK®: More Than a Locking Cylinder

A new and improved take on the self-locking hydraulic cylinder PFA produces as the HYS product line, KOR-LOK® was designed specifically for molding and to be more than a locking cylinder.

Enhance Injection Mold Profitability with a Hydraulic Locking Cylinder

For injection molders that are ready to improve their mold performance and make their parts as efficient as possible, the PFA KOR-LOK® is the obvious choice.

The Advantages of the KPS Braking Cylinder

For applications that require cylinders with a constant output force or constant air pressure, such that loss of pressure to the cylinder would cause the cylinder to move and potentially cause damage to machinery, it is important to have a product in place to maintain the cylinder position on loss of the air supply.

Hydraulic Locking Cylinders Simplify Multi-Slide Die Casting for Techmire Machines

If you are ready to improve your multi-slide die casting and make the most of your materials, here is how utilizing a unique hydraulic locking cylinder from PFA Inc. can help.

Protect Your Products with Rubber Gripper Pads

If you are looking for a durable and efficient means of protecting your parts or products in pick and place, industrial clamping, work holding, or other industrial applications, you likely have heard about the great benefits associated with utilizing non-slip rubber gripping pads.

Customized Solutions for Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)

Being able to perform a quick die change consistently and routinely is essential for ensuring each product retains uniformity and quality while also remaining profitable, although the process can be incredibly complex. The experts at PFA Inc. have worked with countless die setters, manufacturing engineers, and production managers to create customized solutions for single minute […]

What Are Self-Locking and Braking Cylinders?

For employees that work with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, finding adequate locking and braking cylinders is a critical step for eliminating common barriers to securing loads. At PFA, we know that quick replacements should be an easy process whenever your customers need them. We achieve this by providing modular systems where possible, allowing for drop-in […]

Reduce Part Stress with the PFA Accommodator Remote Center Compliance Device

In the modern age, robot automation is much faster and provides more accurate results than manual labor. However, robots are often unable to account for common inaccuracies like incorrect specifications, part tolerance or feeding misalignment. To help compensate for some of these problems and provide a smooth experience to counteract difficult assembly problems, PFA Inc. […]

Simplify Your Quick Mold Changes with Hydra-Latch™

Quick mold change systems should not only enhance your production processes but should also allow for increased precision and speed. For small-batch manufacturers, being able to quickly and efficiently incorporate easy changeovers is critical for customer satisfaction and increasing production revenues. To help achieve the fastest quick mold changes possible, PFA Incorporated recommends the use […]

Protect Your Assembly System with Robotic Crash Protection

With the inclusion of modern robotic technologies, assembly systems have become incredibly complex. While this has provided the ability to increase production and manufacture intricate and uniform products, added technology comes with the risk of errors. PFA makes it easy to safeguard your tooling, robot and assembly systems with the installation of an Overload Protection […]

Quick Mold Change Systems Enhance Injection Molding

When working with injection molds, finding the most efficient production processes ensures you not only meet deadlines, but you also provide a consistent product at all times. To achieve this, many companies will invest in quick mold change systems that ensure rapid production while maintaining quality standards. PFA’s Quick Mold Change Systems can be used […]

Improving Die Casting with a Hydraulic Locking Cylinder

For complex applications that require injection molding and die casting, utilizing a reliable and well-constructed hydraulic locking cylinder or core pull is essential for success. Most importantly, you have to ensure that your pre-loading and locking functions can withstand a target rated load without encountering issues. If you are ready to improve your die casting […]

Quick-Die-Change Strategy – Q&A with an Expert

Making quick, efficient transitions from stamping the last part of one run to first-part approval of the next run continues to take on a growing level of importance, as stampers strive to squeeze every vestige of productivity from their equipment. Here, Klimowicz shares his perspectives on QDC strategies with MetalForming, September 2016, page 34.

How to Implement Quick Die Change: 8 Easy steps to increased stamping productivity & profits

Few lean manufacturing methods increase press uptime, lower per-part costs, and provide an immediate return on investment (ROI) as readily as quick die change (QDC) does. Although the merits of QDC likely are well understood within the stamping field, tailoring a program to a company’s current equipment and operational requirements can be challenging. Generally, implementing […]

In Search of the Infinite Processing Window

Similar to Bolt Torque (preload), Core Pull Cylinder preload using KOR-LOK preloading and locking cylinders can yield zero core movement during injection and help molders achieve an infinite processing window. Read the article published on the MoldMaking Technology website.

Modular Side-Action System in Medical Part Molding Reduces Downtime, Cycle Times

Star Die Molding case study discusses the benefits of Modular Side-Actions – PFA’s Hydraulic Locking Core Pull cylinders as a Modular Side-Action System. Read the article on Moldmaking Technology’s website.

Trio of New Presses Gets SMED Upgrades

Hydraulic die clamps and die lifters installed on three new mechanical presses boosts press uptime by nearly an hour per shift per press, resulting in an 18-month payback. Read the article published in MetalForming Magazine.

Understanding the Advantages of New Modular Technology: Maximizing ROI and Minimizing Risk

Proven off-the-shelf modular mold components and complete component systems meet today’s demanding drive for a lean manufacturing approach. Modular often means smaller, better, and more cost effective. KOR-LOK can reduce the mold volume by 75%. Read the article featured in Moldmaking Technology. View the reprint of the entire article by viewing the following link:

PFA, Inc. Purchases California-Based American Aerostar

PFA, Inc. ( purchased American Aerostar ( in 2005 and continues to manufacture all QMC product lines, including Hydra-Jaws™ QMC systems, Hydra-Latch™ Quick Knockout (KO) Systems and the entire line of Quick Die Change products, including Hollow Cylinder Clamps (NC-205, NC-205L, NC-200, NC-200L, NC-201, NC-201L), Ledge “Rocker” Clamps (RC-425, RC-425L, RC-428, RC-428L, RC-126, RC-126L, RC-661, […]

Quick Math for Cylinder Calculations

Simple cylinder calculations provide good first look comparisons for proper sizing when moldmakers are considering the most suitable side-action option early in the mold design. Read the article published on MoldMaking Technology’s website.

Mold Side-Actions: How, Why and When They Work

Understanding the effects of injection on the core, slide and associated components is critical to selecting the best side-action methods for a given application. The first article will discuss the basic physics underlying all side-actions as well as the fundamentals of side-action performance. The second article will discuss emerging modular technologies which provide alternatives to […]