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Hydraulic Locking Cylinders Simplify Multi-Slide Die Casting for Techmire Machines

Hydraulic Locking Cylinders Simplify Multi-Slide Die Casting for Techmire Machines

Complex multi-slide die casting often requires the use of Techmire equipment and can be enhanced with the addition of a reliable and well-constructed preloading hydraulic locking cylinder or core pull for success. However, success also requires manufacturers to ensure that their pre-loading and locking functions are able to withstand a defined target load without encountering issues.  If you are ready to improve your multi-slide die casting and make the most of your materials, here is how utilizing a unique hydraulic locking cylinder from PFA Inc. can help.

“How do I use hydraulic locking cylinders for die casting?” is an often asked question.   The PFA KOR-LOK® Side Action System was designed to be the ultimate hydraulic locking cylinder for mold and die builders, surpassing other competing concepts. For standard die casting, contacting PFA and asking for a free design review is the best first step.  For multi-slide applications, PFA recommends and refers customers to Techmire to provide this technology to customers.  Incorporated into the new  Techmire Innovative 44LCX, the PFA KOR-LOK® provides high-performance operation for specific applications requiring high clamp forces.

To achieve this high performance level, the PFA KOR-LOK® allows for the ability to pre-load cores to high forces and maintain that pre-load at zero PSI. Other spring locking cylinders (PFA makes them for other applications), piston locking cylinders, and rod clamps often called “locking cylinders” are unable to replicate this capability, making the PFA KOR-LOK® incredibly popular for a variety of applications requiring high applied forces.

When changes in pressure and temperature occur during casting, both the core length and core face position may change. By integration of the PFA KOR-LOK, problems are eliminated by pre-loading the core above the force of injection over a range of lengths.  Preload automatically compensates for thermal changes and core to mold mismatch due to temperature differences.  This not only saves money but it also results in a better multi-slide die cast part with lower porosity and consistent density.  Our KOR-LOK style preloading hydraulic locking cylinders provide core compression toward the core stops compensating for thermal variation and assembly tolerances.

Even if you have a complex part or die design, the PFA KOR-LOK® can help save money and time at each step of the process. We have worked with countless businesses to improve their workload by helping them achieve the lowest cost per part possible while maximizing the ability to run the best parts possible on some of the smallest machines in the market. The PFA KOR-LOK® helps multi-slide die casters using Techmire machines maintain a consistent level of quality that helps their dies remain competitive.

PFA Inc. has gone to great lengths to provide many requested features to remain user-friendly, while enhancing flexibility to simplify multi-slide die casting. Some of these features include a differential nut assemble for adjustment without cylinder rotation, a large bore cylinder option, multiple sensor locations and sensor types.  Call Techmire or PFA today to discuss how we and improve your multi-slide profitability with a 44LCX conversion or new machine. 



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