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Improving Die Casting with a Hydraulic Locking Cylinder

Improving Die Casting with a Hydraulic Locking Cylinder

For complex applications that require injection molding and die casting, utilizing a reliable and well-constructed hydraulic locking cylinder or core pull is essential for success. Most importantly, you have to ensure that your pre-loading and locking functions can withstand a target rated load without encountering issues. If you are ready to improve your die casting and make the most of your materials, here is how utilizing our unique hydraulic locking cylinder can help.

Designed to be the ultimate hydraulic locking cylinder for mold and die builders, the PFA KOR-LOK® surpasses other competitive products. This is achieved simply because it provides the ability to pre-load cores to high forces and maintain that pre-load at zero PSI. Other spring locking, hydraulic activated and piston locking cylinders are unable to replicate this, making the PFA KOR-LOK® incredibly popular for a variety of applications.

Changes in pressure and temperature during injection will often alter both the core length and core face position. The PFA KOR-LOK® eliminates this problem by pre-loading the core above the force of injection so mold and die builders no longer have to compensate for these costly effects. Our hydraulic locking cylinder is able to compensate not only for core compression and thermal variation, but it also compensates for assembly tolerances.

No matter how complex your part or mold design may be, the PFA KOR-LOK® is ready to help you save time and money each step of the way. We have helped countless businesses achieve the lowest cost per part available while maximizing the opportunity to run the best parts possible in the smallest press possible. Even more important, you are able to achieve a consistent level of quality that makes your molds more competitive.

The PFA KOR-LOK® was designed to provide many user-friendly features to enhance flexibility and simplify the die casting process. This includes a large bore cylinder option as well as multiple sensor locations and guards as a standard feature. With an enhanced operating range for demanding environments to near 400°F, the PFA KOR-LOK® is the obvious choice when searching for the perfect hydraulic locking cylinder for your upcoming projects.


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