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Why Should You Use The Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change System?

Why Should You Use The Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change System?

While there are other injection molding mold change solutions available on the market, PFA, Inc. has continued to provide the innovative solutions for mechanical clamping that manufacturers need to efficiently and affordably complete SMED in the injection molding industry. As one of our most popular products, the Hydra-Jaws™ QMC System has become world-renowned for its ease of use and effectiveness.  The ability to clamp a variety of mold sizes at multiple locations is unique in this hydraulic clamping system. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons you should use the Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change System for faster mold changes.

All Hydra-Jaws™ QMC Systems are shipped to your location ready to be installed. By utilizing a bolt system that joins the platen plates onto the machine plate, we have simplified the installation of clamps to increase efficiency and productivity where you need it most. After being bolted in place, all you will have to do to begin is install the side hydraulic manifolds, place the clamps in the slot, and connect hoses.  We have taken great pride in designing the most efficient hydraulic clamping and mechanically locking QMC system available on the market.

Although the Hydra-Jaws™ System is easily installed, the results it provides are what really make this product shine. As the Hydra-Mechanical clamps are moved into position on boomerang shaped slots, hydraulic pressure is applied to enable high clamping forces and those forces are then locked in place mechanically so hydraulics can be removed.  In production, the consistency and speed of hydraulic clamping is combined with the confidence and durability of a mechanical clamping system.  Once clamped and locked, the clamps require no added hydraulic pressure to remain effective.

Mold change times can be very fast as demonstrated in our online video.  As quickly as staff can place clamps into position, activate hydraulics, and move the lock into position is how fast the mold change can happen.   With proper preparation this could be as fast as one minute for the mold itself, however, customer care and handling may dictate a more reasonable few minutes for reasonableness.  In a reasonable comparison, the few minutes is similar to magnetic die change, but with less restrictive demands on mold clamping plate preparation or other challenges.  A fully mechanical clamp also provides confidence in the clamping process and provides the flexibility to run aluminum mold or those that have minimal metal clamping surface due to hot runner systems. 

Dedication to innovation is what has made PFA, Inc. the trusted source for injection molding needs for over 25 years. No matter what your project requirements may be, the experts at PFA Incorporated are here to help you select an efficient die change system that provides you the value you need.

For more information about the Hydra-Jaws™ quick mold change system, we encourage you to visit the product overview page. Here you will be able to find more information about the Hydra-Jaws™ QMC System and other quick mold change system products that can be used in conjunction with this product to provide the best experience possible. If you have any questions, our experts would love to hear from you and create the perfect quick mold change system for your unique applications. Contact us today to get started!


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