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Simplify Your Quick Mold Changes with Hydra-Latch™

Simplify Your Quick Mold Changes with Hydra-Latch™

Quick mold change systems should not only enhance your production processes but should also allow for increased precision and speed. For small-batch manufacturers, being able to quickly and efficiently incorporate easy changeovers is critical for customer satisfaction and increasing production revenues. To help achieve the fastest quick mold changes possible, PFA Incorporated recommends the use of the Hydra-Latch™ Quick Knockout System.

The Hydra-Latch™ Quick Knockout System was designed to function as a zero mold modification KO Bar quick connect and disconnect system. We know that no quick mold change system is complete without the ability to efficiently connect and disconnect Knockout Bars. As a compact and innovative solution, the Hydra-Latch™ Quick KO system is easily installed and fits practically every machine you may use with little to no mold modification required.

Our unique system can be easily mounted to your existing knockout bars, while not losing any ejection stroke in most cases (rear manifold mounts). With the Hydra-Latch™ Quick Knockout system, you are able to avoid interference from Knockout Bar push/pull pistons and any existing KO bars can be utilized after being shortened to add the Hydra-Latch receivers.

No matter what your project requirements may be, the experts at PFA Incorporated are here to help you ensure you have the right fit. We work closely with our customers to ensure they have the solutions needed to make their quick mold changes as efficient as possible and can provide custom solutions if needed. With over 25 years of experience reviewing applications and providing custom products, PFA is likely to have the solution to your problem already designed.

For more information about the Hydra-Latch™ system, we encourage you to visit the product overview page. Here you will be able to find more information about the Hydra-Latch™ Quick Knockout system and other quick mold change system products that can be used in conjunction with this product to provide the best experience possible. If you have any questions, our experts would love to hear from you and create the perfect quick mold change system for your unique needs. Contact us today to get started!


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