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Injection Molding Components You Shouldn’t Be Without

Injection Molding Components You Shouldn’t Be Without

As an important, yet sometimes overlooked, part of the injection mold design process, individual components can often be overlooked as primary systems take center stage. This is particularly a concern with some overseas suppliers that are looking to cut corners to increase profit margins. In this article, we will look at some important components that you should consider for your next injection molding project to ensure the best return on your invested dollars.

As the creator and manufacturer of the KOR-LOK® Side Action System, PFA Inc. is constantly looking for ways to improve the plastic and injection molding industry through innovative products that meet common needs industry-wide. Before we take a look at some of the products we recommend, it is important to understand why quality injection mold components are important for the overall success of your project. Let’s explore some of the unique reasons you should be investing in quality injection molding components.

Why Are Quality Components Important for Injection Molding?

Finding a good supplier for your injection mold components can help ensure that you are creating the best finished products possible during your injection molding process; however, some unique factors make this possible. Finding a good injection molding components provider and developing a relationship with them will ensure you have everything needed to complete your projects successfully and in the shortest amount of time possible. This boils down to two unique factors that should be considered when determining if quality components are important.

First, quality components can provide consistency and guarantee close tolerances, so that you can focus less on the general requirements of the project and rely on the support that high-quality components provide. Second, quality components are less likely to wear out prematurely and resulting in lost production time or costly repairs. With these factors in mind, how can PFA Inc. help improve your processes with quality injection molding components at a fair price?

How Can PFA, Inc.’s Injection Molding Components Help?

PFA Inc. provides three distinct injection molding components that help address specific needs that manufacturers have in the industry. From creating zero-flash molded parts on the first run or improving connectivity for multiple side-action mold cylinder sensors, we are sure to have the perfect fit for your current injection molding systems. Some of our injection molding components products to consider that may help improve your working process include:

  • KOR-LOK® Side Action Systems – Designed as a Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinder that remains effective regardless of how the action pulls, the KOR-LOK® Side Action Systems have become increasingly popular among injection molders that need advanced preloading functions. KOR-LOK® can save you time and money every step of the way.
  • Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change – Once bolted in, the Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change System uses hydraulic pressure to apply high clamping forces. During production, these clamps are then mechanically locked to provide the speed and power of hydraulic clamping with the security you expect from mechanical locks.
  • SWITCHMAX® Connectivity Cables – As more than just cables, SWITCHMAX® Connectivity Cables were originally designed to connect multiple side-action mold cylinder sensors in series for advanced “plug and play” functionality. SWITCHMAX® also offers cross-connected sensor verification, relay power adaptors for AC and zero-volt inputs and much more.

For manufacturers that are serious about the work they are providing both in-house and for clients, it makes sense to ensure that the best components possible are used within their systems. If you need high-quality components for your injection molding projects, you can trust the experts at PFA Inc. to provide innovative and new solutions to meet critical needs across the industry. For more information about these products or the others we offer that may enhance your process, please contact us!

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