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Get a Grip with Modular End-of-Arm Automation

Get a Grip with Modular End-of-Arm Automation

Whether you are dealing with high levels of force or something on the lower side of the spectrum, finding the right robotic gripper for your unique needs is critical for success. When paired with gripper pads, you can be sure your setup can meet the most demanding requirements. Providing some of the highest force to weight ratio grippers available on the market, PFA, Inc. can help you get a firm handle on your manufacturing processes.

PFA, Inc. provides GTP grippers that are designed to accommodate added tooling on the fingers to ensure the most complex components can be gripped.  Featuring recess mount “R” style units that mate easily with compliance devices to minimize jams and Universal “U” mounts for direct mounting to arm or tooling, GTP grippers have standard close gripping as well as the “3X” style option designed for internal diameter (ID) and bore applications.  All of your needs can be accounted for with a two or three finger configuration that coincides with orientation requirements. For the best performance, however, it is recommended that you add gripper pads for added performance.

All of our gripper pads are constructed from durable, non-slip rubber that is perfect for industrial and robotic applications. PFA, Inc. has worked hard to create the perfect gripper pad that is strong enough to withstand extended use, yet also gentle enough to grasp items without damage. The elastomer used during the development of these gripper pads not only operates over a broad temperature range but it also resists oils and other corrosive elements.  Surface styles are available in Knurled, Pebbled, and Waffled for draining of fluids or to provide a softer touch.

PFA, Inc.’s most popular gripper pads are molded and bonded at the molecular level to a metal plate (aluminum or steel) during the curing process to ensure the bond is stronger than the rubber itself.  Superior adhesion is critical to performance in a variety of applications. The metal plate provides excellent backing support to the rubber and affords easy attachment to robotic gripper fingers or other structures.  If you need a custom gripper pad shape or need to drill holes for quick attachment and removal, PFA, Inc. gripper pads make it simple and easy.  PFA also provides services to modify gripper pad material and “make to print” part options.

Modular End-of-Arm Automation can help mitigate potential problems that can occur with traditional manufacturing processes. If you are just beginning to convert your applications to incorporate more modern robotics or just need to add to your existing setup, PFA, Inc. can help. Let us help you get a grip with our modular end-of-arm automation solutions.


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