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Customized Solutions for Single Minute Exchange of Dies

Customized Solutions for Single Minute Exchange of Dies

PFA Inc. understands your need for speed and we have developed our quick die change (QDC) systems to facilitate single minute exchange of dies (SMED) optimization.  Standard configurations are designed to be adapted to your specific press requirements to make the process of adding die change to your press simple and easy.  In this article, we will look at some of the products PFA, Inc. provides that can help you achieve faster die change rates while still maintaining accuracy.

Hydraulic Clamping and Lifting

As a leading manufacturer for the modern press shop, we carry a variety of clamps used to suit the unique needs of your setup. Clamp styles include Hydraulic Nut clamps (Hollow Piston), Hydraulic Ledge Clamps, Hydraulic Adjustable Rocker/Ledge Clamps, and Hydraulic C Clamps. Furthermore, we also provide hydraulic die lifters in a variety of inline and ball styles to further facilitate efficient die exchange.

Hydraulic Power Units

Our High-Pressure Hydraulic Control Units are made to suit a variety of configurations and optimize all quick die change applications. Hydraulic Controllers provide vales for pressure control and air driven hydraulic pump for easy integration.  Achieving the proper and consistent clamping force with hydraulics is critical to ensuring correct clamping tonnage, avoiding the inherent challenges of bolt torque and inconsistencies. By using a Hydraulic Power Unit, you will be able to achieve the correct pressure and consistent clamping force every time.

Air Lifting Systems

In many applications, the use of pneumatic die lifters for lighter dies in small to medium presses provides astounding performance. With our airlifting systems, pneumatic lifting bars with installed rollers are inserted into the T slots and powered with a high strength and durable air hose beneath. In action, plant air is applied to lift the dies, while closing the supply pressure valve lowers the lifters.  

Mechanical Clamping and Lifting Extensions

PFA, Inc. provides various mechanical solutions to expedite your clamping and die lifting processes. These include Portable Die Lifters, Spring loaded die lifters and rollers, and Mechanical Quick Set Clamps that can easily be installed into existing presses for rapid conversion and speed improvements. Portable mechanical systems can often be used for multiple press installations to save money.  Our Bolster Extensions also provide many options including lift-off, swing-away, detachable, traveling and slotless to meet a variety of needs.  Lift-off options provide flexibility and costs saving by allowing for use on multi-press applications.

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