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Set Your Manufacturing Pace with Lean Production Methods

Set Your Manufacturing Pace with Lean Production Methods

As a die stamper, you are likely always looking for ways to speed up production while still providing the highest part quality possible. With countless years of experience innovating and leading the advancement of quick die change systems, PFA, Inc. is sure to have the QDC products needed to help you achieve the fastest manufacturing process possible. In this article, we will look at how some of the products function to quickly clamp, lift and move dies in support of lean production goals.

Hydraulic Nut, Ledge, and Rocker Clamps

Before use, hydraulic nut clamps are moved into position in a designated slot on the bolster or ram plate. As hydraulic pressure is applied, the clamp will pull upward on the t-bolt while the clamp body moves downward to secure the die clamp plate to the bolster/ram surface.  Clamping force is either maintained on the clamp or in the case of locking clamps, the lock is engaged allowing pressure to be removed.   Once stamping is completed, the die is removed by moving the clamp value to open, venting pressure and allowing the clamps to open under internal spring force. Ledge and Rocker clamps operate in a similar manner with hydraulic force to clamp, locks to secure the clamps, and springs to open the clamps for removal.

Hydraulic Die Lifters and Rollers

Although hydraulic actuation allows for a large lifting force, it also allows for easy and controlled movement of a variety of die weights.  This provides a greater range of functionality than commonly found with spring loaded lifters that will generally only be used in light die applications. Ball roller rails provide added flexibility so that after a die is inserted, the 2D movement rails can be used to move the die into position and quickly find the sweet spot you are looking for.

Bolster Extensions

Although PFA, Inc. carries a wide variety of bolster extension sizes; we can also provide complete custom solutions when needed. Some of the types of bolster extensions we provide include lift-off, swing-away, detachable, traveling and slotless. Our bolster extensions can help make the movement of a die easier by reducing the force needed to around 1 to 3 percent of the die weight.

With a proven off-the-shelf “lean manufacturing” solution from PFA, your application works every time. PFA is the answer to faster production and more profits. If you need a custom solution to enhance your lean manufacturing goals, contact us today to learn how we can help!


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