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How Can KOR-LOK® Save Time and Money?

How Can KOR-LOK® Save Time and Money?

When you partner with PFA, Inc. for mold optimization, you can be sure that you are shrinking the Money-Time-Quality Triangle.  We created the KOR-LOK™ Side-Action System to help everyone in the plastic part supply chain to not only save money, but to improve quality and save time.  Through mold design, build, and production, PFA provides savings every step of the way.  In this article, we will look at some of the reasons you should add KOR-LOK™ to your next mold.


Increased Complexity

When you use the KOR-LOK™ Side-Action System, you are able to preload cores to their exact specification. This allows you to incorporate tighter tolerances while matching lines perfectly to create clean beautiful textures that would otherwise be impossible. Functioning as an all-in-one system, your cores can move at any angle whenever required to create the most complex parts possible for less money.


Simplified Molding

Because it is a turn-key system, KOR-LOK™ was designed to eliminate the “one-off” design and manufacture of side-actions. When incorporated KOR-LOK™ gives you the ability to hit design and part requirements the first time, without trial and error, completing the job successfully and quickly. If you want to design even better and faster, we offer free application reviews and CAD files can be accessed 24 hours a day.


Modular Builds

Our dedication to saving time and money for mold builders, molders, and end users means that we have thought of common side-action problems and designed KOR-LOK™ to address them. This includes simplified mold geometries, better slide performance, smaller mold bases and independent slide movement. With our side-action system, you will achieve faster build times with fewer tryouts, while maintaining excellent standards of quality.  Because the systems are modular, one can be ordered, built, and shipped same day in most cases.


Decreased Cost Per Part

It’s not enough to just be able to produce the best parts possible. For this reason, the KOR-LOK™ Side-Action System was developed to mount external to the mold base, allowing for smaller mold bases and the ability to produce a complex part in the smallest press possible.   Smaller press size means lower costs and faster cycle times.  Higher quality means less scrap, fewer or no secondary operations, and lower costs and less scrap.  All of these features can help you achieve the lowest cost per part to remain competitive in challenging markets.

For more information on possible applications for the KOR-LOK® Side-Action System, or to obtain more product information, we encourage you to visit the product page below. If you still have questions, we would be happy to explain how this unique hydraulic locking core pull cylinder can enhance your process and provide a free application review. To get started, please contact us and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily assist you.




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