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The Top 6 Industrial Applications for Injection Molding

The Top 6 Industrial Applications for Injection Molding

For most industries, it only makes sense to find the lowest cost yet most durable materials to produce the products they need. As a versatile manufacturing technique, injection molding plays a crucial role in developing and creating many modern products, from consumer toys to airplane components. This article will look at the top 6 industrial applications for injection molding and how manufacturers can improve existing systems.

Food and Beverage

When it comes to injection molding, the food and beverage industry relies heavily on plastic materials to create product packaging and containers. Since this industry must adhere to strict sanitization and safety regulations, plastic injection molding is an obvious fit to ensure various specifications are achieved, including BPA-free, FDA-certified, non-toxic and GMA-safe regulations. From components as small as bottle caps to the trays used in TV dinners, injection molding provides a one-stop-shop for all the food and beverage industry’s packaging and container needs.

Automotive Parts

Many of the parts found on modern automobiles require a broad range of intricately designed features to function correctly. For this reason, many of the leaders of the automotive industry have turned to plastic injection molding to develop, plan, and manufacture the parts they need. Typical injected molded elements include bumpers, dashboards, and smaller pieces, such as cup holders and mirror housings.

Medical & Pharmaceuticals

As many medical products must be shatter-proof, non-porous, and perfect in shape, plastic injection molding is critical for medical and pharmaceutical production. As a high volume producer, the medical industry can benefit from injection molding’s decreased production times and affordable production materials while still achieving high-quality medical-grade products. Medical and pharmaceutical parts created with injection molding can range from pill bottles to x-ray components.

Household Products

With just a simple trip to your kitchen, there is a good chance that you will find an injection molded product or part. From Tupperware to building materials used in the construction, there is no denying that this industry would not be where it is today without injection molding. Like other industries, household products can be made more affordable by investing in large production runs for shipping to retail locations worldwide.


Historically, it was typical for the agriculture industry to invest in metal-made components simply because they provided a durable solution. Now, reinforced plastic options have gained favor due to new plastic material characteristics like UV-resistance, impact-resistance, humidity resistance, and much more. The ability to create durable agriculture products that stand up to the elements on a farm makes plastic injection molding an obvious fit for the agriculture industry, from feeding troughs to specialized harvesting components.


Although many people see electronic components as a predominately metal piece of machinery that uses electricity to function, enhancing system longevity with corrosion-resistant plastic housings improves overall performance. As you may have guessed, manufacturing housings through the plastic injection molding processes is preferred. The computer mouse you may be using right now,  to the television in your living room, likely have some components created using plastic injection molding.

How Can PFA, Inc. Help?

With all of these industries looking to plastic injection molding to create their products, manufacturers need to ensure they have the best possible systems to account for incredibly intricate designs and provide a quick product turnaround time. Suppose you are a plastic injection molder or moldmaker and want to learn more about how our products may improve your existing processes. In that case, we encourage you to visit our plastics product pages or contact us directly to learn how PFA, Inc. can help. As a trusted supplier to key manufacturers worldwide, we have the solutions and experience needed to improve your existing processes and reduce part costs.

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