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PFA Maintains Fast Deliveries

PFA Maintains Fast Deliveries

Responds to industry chatter about long deliveries for Hydraulic Locking Cylinders.

While supply chain impacts from Covid-19 have plagued many manufacturers, the roller coaster ride has seen some bright spots in service and delivery. PFA Inc., supplier of KOR-LOK Side Action Systems – a specialty type of Preloading Hydraulic Locking Cylinder, for example. During the crisis, PFA has maintained uninterrupted 5-7 business day delivery and 1-3 day rush service.

PFA President Mark Scanlan credits his staff and supplier support in maintaining critical component availability and responsiveness to customer needs. “We have been receiving a lot of calls from new customers concerned about possible delivery delays, perhaps from other component supply challenges. For our part, we have a great team that has been committed to maintaining deep inventories and doing what it takes to respond quickly during the pandemic. It has always been about supplying service first, so being prepared is just a natural extension of that effort,” says Scanlan.

Customers also echo his sentiments. “I am impressed by PFA’s consistently fast service. After ordering a cylinder close to Christmas, I was shocked to see it on the dock only a few days later. PFA always delivers great product quickly, even during these challenging times, “ stated Mark Renard, Toolroom Manager at Dynacast Germantown.

Many products are moving through the supply chain, and many molds are in assembly. Some product is moving faster than others. Are you experiencing long delays? Do you see any bright spots in your supply chain – suppliers ready and willing and able to deliver quickly to support your projects?

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