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Improve Mold Performance with the KOR-LOK Side-Action System

Improve Mold Performance with the KOR-LOK Side-Action System

With performance enhancements beyond standard hydraulic and locking systems, the PFA KOR-LOK side-action system is ideal for movable cores and core pulls on injection molds, improving mold performance with off-the-shelf solutions. It is a high-quality part production in a smaller mold footprint.

Unlike many traditional spring-locking, hydraulic–activated solutions that often do not lock, preload, or maintain force without hydraulics, the PFA KOR-LOK can preload slides to high forces while maintaining the force at 0 psi. Though there are other locking cylinders for general industrial use, only PFA’s KOR-LOK achieves high preload force and cylinder locking to a fully rated load at 0 psi. This simple installation system allows for high preload outputs for such a small size compared to standard hydraulic cylinders. This is because the hydra-mechanical wedge design multiplies applied hydraulic forces by as much as ten times. And because the action external can be mounted to the mold base, the KOR-LOK supports smaller mold base designs.

While pressure and temperature changes enhance the quality of the part and improve molding, this will often cause the core face to flex or “back up,” ultimately changing the part’s geometry. Compensating for the thermal effects and core compression with core timing and tweaking is often time-intensive, repetitive, costly, and ultimately unachievable. The ability of PFA’s KOR-LOK side action system to preload above maximum injection force can eliminate movement errors.

PFA’s KOR-LOK side-action system saves you time and money. Because it is an all-in-one system, cores can move at any angle, eliminating any barriers to complex parts. Core preloads mean parts can be made quickly with tighter tolerances, perfect match lines, and clean, beautiful textures. The KOR-LOK system means design freedom, 24-hour technical help, and CAD files that are just a click away.

KOR-LOK allows you to produce the parts you want when you want them. Reduced maintenance means improved up-time, consistent quality means less scrap, while reduced cost-per-part means more profit. Quicker mold builds and reduced tryout time are possible due to KOR-LOK’s simplified mold geometries, smaller mold bases, optimal slide performance, and independent slide movement, all of which make your molds more competitive. PFA’s KOR-LOK side-action system looks a lot like a cylinder, but it performs like no other. You can learn more at PFA.

Why choose PFA for your automation solutions?

Understanding the effects of injection on the core, slide, and associated components is critical to selecting the best side-action method for a given application. There is only one KOR-LOK, and you can only get it at PFA. PFA’s team works to determine the best system for your application, design, and most importantly, your part or product. Let us help you get a grip on your automation system by contacting us today or calling 262-250-4410 for a free application review. Your success is important to us!

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