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Protect Your Assembly System with Robotic Crash Protection

Protect Your Assembly System with Robotic Crash Protection

With the inclusion of modern robotic technologies, assembly systems have become incredibly complex. While this has provided the ability to increase production and manufacture intricate and uniform products, added technology comes with the risk of errors. PFA makes it easy to safeguard your tooling, robot and assembly systems with the installation of an Overload Protection Device (OPD).

PFA’s unique robotic crash protection works by pneumatically holding a mechanical wrist during normal operation. To ensure varied payloads are achieved, the stiffness can be adjusted by changing the input air pressure. If the Overload Protection Device detects an overload, it transmits a shutdown signal while the mechanical wrist is returned to a compliant state. This ensures your equipment and end-of-arm tooling remains protected in the event of a fault.

Our Robotic Crash Protection solutions allow independent control of both amounts of force and tooling plate travel that is required to initiate a protective function. This allows for independent adjustment of both electronic sensitivity and pneumatic rigidity. Since many of the applications using the Overload Protection Device vary, this ensures flexibility and peak performance under your unique specifications and conditions.

We have worked hard to ensure our Overload Protection Device’s interface module is as user-friendly as possible by allowing for nested, “plug and play” operation. This is achieved by utilizing multiple signal outputs and three-point sensor adjustments as well as integrated air valve and vent valve controls. Using our Robotic Crash Protection is as simple as installing, applying services and enjoying the protection that our OPD provides.

For more information about the applications our Robotic Crash Protection system is suited for, we encourage you to visit our product page. No matter what your unique needs may be, we are confident that our Overload Protection Device will provide the support you are searching for. Don’t worry about your expensive assembly system slowing down your production or requiring repairs. We can help ensure your assembly process remains as smooth as possible through the use of modern and innovative protection technologies. Enjoy the protection that comes with ensuring your assembly system is in the right hands.


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