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Is Plastic Injection Molding the Right Fit for Military Use?

Is Plastic Injection Molding the Right Fit for Military Use?

For military and tactical industries, finding the balance between both dependability and uniformity is essential. And, although you may not think it fits from an outside perspective, plastic injection molding is an ideal approach to creating tactical products and military-grade equipment quickly and affordably. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of plastic injection molding for military use and some of the reasons you should consider this process for your upcoming projects.

Obtaining a high-quality finished product with plastic injection molding will often rely on ensuring that the materials and design meet or exceed the parameters you are hoping to achieve. By partnering with PFA Inc. for KOR-LOK® Side Action Hydraulic Locking Cylinder Systems and  Hydra-Jaws™ Quick Mold Change, plastic injection molding manufacturers will ensure production of consistent quality parts,  while also minimizing mold size, increasing cycle speed, lowering machine size, maintaining mold change flexibility, and maximizing return on investment.  Here are some of the benefits of using plastic injection molding for military or tactical products:

  • Dependability – Often, the unsung hero of military-grade gear, complex parts like fasteners or fittings, are used every day by soldiers on their backpacks or other portable equipment. Plastic injection molding helps create a dependable product that will maintain its integrity during grueling conditions.
  • Uniformity – The ability to create many identical products quickly makes plastic injection molding an excellent fit for tactical use. Each time a production run ends, customers utilizing plastic injection molding will have confidence that all parts meet specifications.
  • Lightweight – When using plastic injection molding in military applications, the products created are not only durable but typically very lightweight. New fillers and high strength resin composites are essential to recent lightweighting initiatives.  Given the amount of gear most soldiers carry, lightweighting allows teams to have faster response times and stay on station longer.

Weatherproof – Soldiers, police officers, firefighters, and others requiring the daily use of high-performance military-grade products, often find themselves in unpredictable environments during inclement weather. Plastic products are not only weather-resistant, but they almost always do not conduct electricity, making them durable and reliable in a variety of challenging conditions.

At PFA Inc., we are committed to ensuring that our manufacturing clients have the tools and resources needed to make the most of their plastic injection molding processes. While the demand for high-quality products may be inevitable for the military and tactical industries, ensuring your current manufacturing set-up can accommodate unique product needs is vital. Our team is here to help ensure you aren’t left behind the competition and continue to create the complex products your customers demand.

We look forward to learning more about your unique needs and finding the best possible products to assist you.  For more information about the ways our products improve your plastic injection molding processes for military and tactical use, visit our products page.  For more immediate assistance, reach out at our contact us page.

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