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Hydraulic Core Pull Cylinder with Large Force and Small Size

Hydraulic Core Pull Cylinder with Large Force and Small Size

PFA’s new 70 series “mini” hydraulic locking cylinder – part of the KOR-LOK® side-action system product line – features tremendous preloading capacity in a small cylinder footprint. High output force with locked in preload and narrow profile are the product’s primary advantages. The mini’s 8,000 lbs of preload activates force in a new narrow format, enabling multiple small cores to nest together and time independently. Smaller ports and low profile sensors ensure a large competitive advantage to standard compact hydraulic cylinders. Unique zero psi locking supports green technologies that save energy by dropping hydraulic pressure during injection. Eliminating the need for always-on independent hydraulic core pull pumps provides further energy savings.

Mark Scanlan, President of PFA, states, “Modular off the shelf preloading and locking technology for high precision molding is at the core of PFA’s success in the mold components market. The new Mini KOR-LOK extends our capability into the smallest of spaces on multi-cavity molds for faster designs, easier mold builds, and greater ROI.”
The new Mini KOR-LOK is available with the new low profile PNP sensors and traditional mechanical SPDT switches, high-temperature seals (400 F), standard multiple and rear hydraulic porting, flexible mold flange mounting, and core interfacing accessories.

Free application reviews, off-the-shelf delivery, and customizable parametric online CAD files in over 100+ native file formats are available for this Made in the USA product.

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