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Four Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Four Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Although 3D printers have become popular in recent years, they still can’t match the complexity and cost savings of modern plastic injection molding. As one of the most trusted processes for manufacturing complex products and components, injection molding can provide many benefits to businesses across multiple industries. In this article, we will look at four benefits achieved through plastic injection molding and why this affordable approach may be the best fit for you.


Low-Cost Materials

Utilizing plastic materials during your injection molding can help lower costs not only because the components required cost much less than metals, but it can also help create more refined parts and limit waste and finish work. Although this is a great benefit in itself, working with plastic can also decrease the need for extensive retooling in the future.  With these cost savings and improved part quality, you can keep your cost per part low and keep your customers happy.


Complexity and Precision

If you have the right tools at your disposal, creating any variety of complex precision parts is limitless. No matter what part requirement your customer may be searching for, injection molding provides the methodology to produce a detailed and highly complex part to exacting specifications. Modular mold components, such as the KOR-LOK® Side-Action System – a unique type of hydraulic locking cylinder for injection molding, provide easy to implement mold enhancements to improve part quality for complex parts and are often available off the shelf.  Unlike other molding techniques, with high quality plastic injection molds you can be sure the desired part is achieved each time no matter how challenging the specifications.


Improved Strength and Durability

Unlike the plastic parts of yesteryear, new developments in materials for automotive light-weighting have made plastic injection molding a “go-to” source for durable products, while still maintaining the lower weight desired in many applications. High-performance plastic formulations ensure that parts can withstand both grueling environments and varied climates without falling victim to the elements. Once you have determined customer requirements, it is now easy to match them with the perfect type of engineered plastic.


Fast Turnaround

Plastic injection molding is one of the most efficient processes available while maintaining consistent part quality part after part.   Complex molds can be produced in a few weeks, which not only means that you will get your parts faster, but you can also be sure that part processing is optimized and part quality is consistent. By using plastic injection molding and modular bolt-on component systems, such as the KOR-LOK Side-Action System, you can enjoy a shorter product development time and get your product to market faster.


Improved ROI and Profits

Quickly available, light, durable, high quality, low-cost plastic parts not only makes injection molding a compelling go-to component source for automotive and durable goods from an engineering perspective but produces enhanced bottom-line benefits.  Smaller, low-cost modular injection molds combined with designed to part resins results in better, lower cost, higher quality parts.  Lower tooling costs and lower part costs with improved quality translates directly into a higher Return on Tooling Investment and higher profits.



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