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Enhance Your Quick Die Changes with Spring Loaded Lifters

Enhance Your Quick Die Changes with Spring Loaded Lifters

For manufacturers that require quick die change (QDC) for multiple dies, having lifters in place to efficiently remove and replace the dies is critical. At PFA Inc., we understand the importance of simplifying your die changes and carry a variety of products suited to help enhance your process. In this article, we will explain some of the spring loaded lifter styles designed and manufactured by PFA Inc. to improve quick die change speed and productivity.

Stationary Spring Loaded Die Lifter Rails

Because they provide multi-directional movement, our stationary spring loaded die lifter rails are primarily used for medium to lightweight dies that have a low density. However, they also provide valuable support when your process requires mechanical only lifting or unique layouts in order to drive decision and implementation process. Fully mechanical in nature, and always trying to lift when in the collapsed position, these spring-loaded lifters will automatically lift the die whenever clamping is removed.  Springs eliminate the need for air or hydraulics to lift the die.

Stationary Spring Loaded Ball Cartridges

Similar to the Spring Loaded Die Lifter Rails, through the installation of an array of single ball cartridges, manufacturers have the ability to enable multi-directional die movement without the involvement of an operator and without air or hydraulics to activate the lift. Because they are so versatile, our stationary spring loaded ball cartridges are easily placed at a target position in the bolster to avoid using slots when needed by other accessories, such as clamps. However, these spring-loaded accessories work best in non-slotted bolster applications or in complex arrangements requiring maximum flexibility for lift placement.

Portable Die Lifters

Functioning as a hand-operated device, PFA Inc.’s Portable Die Lifters are placed in the slots under the die at the time of need – die insertion and removal, which allows slots to be used for clamps and other accessories at other times. Primarily used with common slots among presses, PFA portable die lifters provide maximum ROI by allowing a single set of lifters to perform die changes among an entire press group. This accessory provides a large mechanical advantage by multiplying hand and handle motion to lift the die.

PFA Inc. is committed to ensuring you have the tools and accessories needed to enhance the die changeover process. While these are just a small sampling of the products we provide, we are confident that we have a QDC option that will work well in your application and be the right fit for you. To learn more about the QDC products we have available, we encourage you to contact PFA to help us find the perfect products to meet your needs today.


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