Quick Die Change

Hydraulic Clamps

Hydraulic Cylinder and Rocker Clamps provide the cornerstone of a lean and well controlled Quick Die Change System.  As the product the secures the die, flexibility in application and sizing is key to ensuring solid and consistent die clamping.  PFA’s variety of clamps and flexible heights cover all the options.

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Hydraulic Die Lifters/Rollers

Hydraulic Roller Rails come in a variety of ball roller and cam roller combinations for optimal performance in a variety of applications. Rails are custom sized for your slot requirements and desired lift above the bolster surface. All slot depths and lengths easily integrate with PFA’s complete hydraulic die change system.

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Hydraulic Control Units

Providing high pressure hydraulics (5,000 psi) from 70 psi air, the Control unit provides for a variety of clamp and lift methods as well as independent control of multiple clamp zones and check valve protection. Fully customizable to meet a variety of needs for QDC control.

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Air Powered and Mechanical Die Lifters/Rollers

Alternative Pneumatic and Mechanical Die Lifters provide the key flexibility some customers desire in modular QDC systems. Air controlled lift using available air systems or mechanical lift to be able to use lifters on multiple presses, PFA has the modular systems you need for optimal return on investment (ROI).

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Mechanical Clamps

For High Temperature Applications or other challenging situations where a mechanical clamp best meets your needs, PFA’s high quality mechanical clamps provide smooth operation and optimal torque control for consistent clamping on all dies.

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Bolster Extensions

Providing modular removal bolster extensions are a key element in PFA modular approach to Quick Die Change and removing dies from the press in a variety of challenging scenarios, even for very large dies. Fixed swing away extensions, and even those for slotless bolsters or for use with mechanical lifters are available in a variety of sizes.

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