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PFA, Inc. Purchases California-Based American Aerostar

PFA, Inc. Purchases California-Based American Aerostar

PFA, Inc. ( purchased American Aerostar ( in 2005 and continues to manufacture all QMC product lines, including Hydra-Jaws™ QMC systems, Hydra-Latch™ Quick Knockout (KO) Systems and the entire line of Quick Die Change products, including Hollow Cylinder Clamps (NC-205, NC-205L, NC-200, NC-200L, NC-201, NC-201L), Ledge “Rocker” Clamps (RC-425, RC-425L, RC-428, RC-428L, RC-126, RC-126L, RC-661, RC-661L, RC-825, RC-825L, RC-835, RC-835L), Mechanical Die Lifters, Hydraulic Die Lifters, Various Swing and Lift Off Bolster Extensions and associated hydraulic pumps and control units. Over the past 10 years PFA has expanded the product line to include Pneumatic Die Lifters, Larger Hollow Piston Clamps, and a line of Electronic Valve Power/Pump/Control systems.

American Aerostar Corporation, a leader in Quick Mold Change and Quick Die Change products, was formerly located at
American Aerostar Corporation
25014 Avenue Kearny,
Valencia, CA 91355-1253 Phone: 800-780-9850

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